Affiliate Tips and Tricks - Part 6

I had applied at about 15 different places and only received an OK from two, so far.

Most of these sites really need someone to promote their products, even though they already invest a
lot of money promoting their own products. They do need as many potential buyers as possible, however,
and that is where affiliates come in.

Before you chose a product to promote, be sure to find out how much you will make when you make a sale.
Some will pay a percent, some a flat fee. There is not much gained if you are going to make 2 or 3% on a product that
sells for under a couple of hundred dollars. 

Unless, that is, you feel you can make multiple sales on that product.

Products that sell for under 50.00 will be your best bet, at least at first.
That being the case, you will need a high percentage product.
There are a few programs like this, but only a couple really fill the bill.

Tip: Take your time picking a product.