Affiliate Tips and Tricks - Part 5

If you start looking at ads for a program or product to promote, you will run across ads that tell you if you join their program
you will get a web page to promote. This can be a good thing, but here again you must be careful. 

If what the site is promoting fits the bill for you, this will keep you from having to buy a domain or website provider, at least for a time.

Sometimes you can join up free, but again be careful, you may have to upgrade to get into a position to make a profit from your efforts.
Of course you will have to get your offer out to people to make a profit.

You will need a product, service or   program to sell. Now there are thousands of different places where you can sign up to be an
affiliate to promote a product or program. Different sites offer various types of products or programs.

Almost all of these require you to fill out an application. Some have almost instant approval, some do not.
Sometimes there is a waiting period. Normally if you don't hear back from them within a week or so, forget it.